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Deelux Beauty offer a warm wax suitable for all hair removal of all skin types.

Hive Pre Wax Oil with Frangipani and Monoi Oil is used to prepare the area for the waxing treatment. The oil formulation forms a barrier on the skin, therefore the wax adheres only to the hair, rather than the skin, resulting in a clean waxed area and a more pleasant experience.

Hive After Wax Treatment lotion with Frangipani and Monoi Oil is used to treat the waxed area. Its cooling Menthol and soothing Aloe Vera helps to moisturise, calm and soothe the treatment area.

Full Leg £17.00

Half Leg £12.00

Bikini Line £6.00

Under Arm £5.50

Full Leg & Bikini £21.00

Forearm £10.00

Full Arm £15.00

Chin or Lip £3.00


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