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Classic Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Amazing new semi permanent eyelash extensions which are naturally curled, look gorgeous and weightless. Once applied, Semi permanent eyelashes extensions are water resistant meaning you can shower, swim, cry and sleep without worrying about them.

Deelux Beauty offers a full consultation and a patch test where 1 or 2 lashes need to be applied up to 24 hours prior to application.

Classic Natural Full Set £35.00 (1 hour 15/30) 

Classic Glam Full Set £40.00 (1 hour 30/45) 

Infills (45 mins) £17

Infills (1 hour) £22 

Infills (1 hour 15) £25


You can enjoy semi permanent eyelashes extensions  with little need to adjust your lifestyle. With correct homecare maintenance of Hollywood Lashes you can ensure they remain as beautiful as the day they were applied.

  • First 24 hours do not allow water to contact the eyelid
  • First 48 hours do not wash eyes or lash extensions with hot water or steam the face. Avoid Jacuzzi and Swimming.
  • Do not use waterproof mascara as oil based mascaras may damage the bond. Deelux Beauty stock our water-based mascara.
  • Use only oil free products to remove mascara.
  • Do not perm Hollywood Lash extensions.
  • Do not tint over bonded area (only root area).
  • Rubbing eyes may pull out lashes with extensions attached.
  • Do not use heated curlers on bonded area (tip only).

Please treat your new classic semi permanent eyelashes extensions  with care. Your natural lashes will shed naturally taking extensions with them. Arrange with Deelux Beauty for regular infill treatments to keep that full lash look.



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